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Will Your Stories Matter if Big Data Decides?

This algorithm (a crude example) could look like this: Google or Amazon monitors their big data in real time to determine from the total number and quality of searches what the most popular story or film or book topics are, map those to the big data history of movie successes and failures, film reviews, movie comments and movie-going demographics to come up with a list of which of those topics might be the most successful story ideas with that audience…and they really know the audience…and have it turned into a script.

The data world “…is moving from rigid systems that gathered, organized and analyzed data based upon previously-known questions to dynamic systems that can immediately look at streams of rapidly changing data coming from many sources. Their hope is that today’s systems can help analysts discover the right questions to ask rather than just providing the answers to previously-known questions.”

Dan Kusnetzky, Analyst and Founder of Kusnetzky Group LLC

Big data is driving more creators to develop and produce independently. As the natural decline in cost of entry continues, the increase in those creating increases.

“There has never been a better time for most creative individuals to be both a truly independent filmmaker and/or a collaborative creative person. The barriers to entry are lower, the cost & labor time of creation & distribution are lower than ever, and there are more opportunities and methods than ever. We just need to abandon the old ways and unearth the new ways.”

Ted Hope, Independent Film Producer, Director of the San Francisco Film Society

Theaters are increasingly finding it difficult to fill the seats. This really isn’t an exhibition problem…there will always be films that simply must be seen on the big screen…but digital distribution to mobile platforms combined with a demographic less nostalgic about the experience of the big screen is changing the way entertainment is consumed…and created.

Steven Soderbergh acknowledged the many challenges and changes in filmmaking and other entertainment media in his SFIFF address on the State of Cinema. He said:

“The only way to repay our karmic debt is to make something good, something ambitious, something beautiful, something memorable…”

Summary of Soderbergh, The State of Cinema

Read a ten-point ‘takeaway’ and see his State of Cinema presentation on Entertainment Weekly’s Tell us, how do you think big data will impact content creators…?

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One thought on “Will Your Stories Matter if Big Data Decides?”

  1. Hopefully the algorithm does not bring us a sequel to “Leonard, Part 6.” I still have Lava soap and Alka Seltzer in storage from that debacle (I drank all the Cokes). At least it swept the Razzies! Will Google Glass provide us with millions of cinema verite shorts of neighbor’s flossing their teeth? Dare to dream! Audiences always seem to recoil at films trying to force feed them what they “like”. They have an innate sense of being played.

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