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Will Your Stories Matter if Big Data Decides?

It’s difficult to imagine a world in which the decision to produce a film or publish a book is left to…a computer. How will producers select from the potential tidal wave of screenplays if there are hundreds of thousands…or millions…of scripts to consider from talented writers all over the world? And, considering the rising tide of creativity and skill from writers worldwide, an ever increasing percentage of the scripts that are in the pool for consideration may be really good.

Will your stories matter if big data decides which to produce…?

Data barons in today’s information revolution are not unlike the railroad barons of the industrial revolution. Google, Facebook, Amazon and other companies who have built empires on consumer data are among those that will have the biggest competitive advantage in the future.

Companies are scrambling to move everything into the cloud, and one of the reasons: big data. The storage and management of big data is rapidly evolving. It’s no longer about data mining…sifting through mounds of data to discover what was previously hidden. It is now a dynamic information source that makes data available and searchable as soon as possible after its creation.

If huge data sources are dynamically and immediately available, and companies know how to create their own brand of algorithms  they can use the results on a target data set…like screenplays.

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One thought on “Will Your Stories Matter if Big Data Decides?”

  1. Hopefully the algorithm does not bring us a sequel to “Leonard, Part 6.” I still have Lava soap and Alka Seltzer in storage from that debacle (I drank all the Cokes). At least it swept the Razzies! Will Google Glass provide us with millions of cinema verite shorts of neighbor’s flossing their teeth? Dare to dream! Audiences always seem to recoil at films trying to force feed them what they “like”. They have an innate sense of being played.

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