With the Wave of Your Hand

Perhaps we’ll have the opportunity in the coming years to move our hands and fingers over tablet-like interfaces to control film and music editors without even touching the surface…just with the wave of your hand.

Some day soon after it may be possible to ‘think’ commands to manage recording, editing and post production music and film editing software. This might be great, reducing or eliminating the amount of time and effort to learn the software and streamlining the process…and it may not be as far away as you might think.

Imagine the possibilities of configuring your recording, editing, mixing and post production software interfaces to recognize the sounds you hear, the colors you see, the edits you create…in your mind. You simply watch an interface and your creative thoughts construct sound and image patterns on the screen to match your visions.

It won’t be long before the ‘television’ screen of the future will only be limited in size by the wall or surface on which you attach it. By the year 2015, over 50% of all home flat panel TV’s will be internet connected…and not long after, the possibility of buying ‘flexible’ screens by the square foot to cover any surface or wall of any topography…think “Blade Runner”. The term television will largely disappear as less and less content is televised while more and more content is consumed via pipelines to ‘oceans of content’ when you want it.

Mind boggling computational capabilities are just around the corner that will make all of these ‘futuristic’ sounding  creative processes happen, and many of us will be around to adopt them at early stages. This transition isn’t too much different from the transitions that moved us from silent movies to sound…radio to television…network broadcasting to cable…telephones to cell phones and cell phones to smartphones. It feels like everything is possible with the next breaking wave of technological innovation.

In reality, everyone discovers at some point that it is not really about technology…it’s about creativity…it’s about story. Yet, advances in technology concurrent with our efforts can make incredible breakthroughs possible. The current paradigm of technological advancement and cultural adoption are literally changing everything about creating content…fast.

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