The Hollywood Reporter Producers Roundtable

“The Hollywood Reporter Producers Roundtable” includes David Heyman (“Gravity”), Charles Roven (“American Hustle”), Mark Wahlberg, Pam Williams (“Lee Daniels’ The Butler”), Michael De Luca (“Captain Phillips”) and Dede Gardner (“12 Years a Slave”) discussing the ups and downs of moviemaking on a grand scale. Highlights of the discussion include Roven talking about the personal toll the death of Heath Ledger took on the making of “The Dark Knight,” and Wahlberg revealing how he almost fired his agent over losing “Fifty Shades of Grey” in a bidding war.

The Hollywood Reporter conducts roundtable discussions with actors, writers, producers, executives, cinematographers and directors offering anyone interested in filmmaking, and entertainment content in general, a great ‘insider’ view. Visit this link for more of the Hollywood Reporter’s Roundtable discussions.

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