The Digital Age

In a new world with growing democratized distribution and crowd funding, no one really knows how new media will change the entertainment industry but, despite the uncertainty, individuals and organizations are gaining unprecedented traction and advancing the conversation about writing, production, distribution, funding and monetization of creative content in the digital age.

Since consumers no longer have to consume only what is offered by the traditional entertainment channels, they can search for and discover content at the long-tail end of the economy as well as the mass-produced mass-consumed end. And, since the technology to create content is relatively inexpensive and in their hands, they can also create, produce and distribute content.

How will millions of individual content creators find ways to participate? Given that the current consumer generations are not learning or adopting digital consumption and content creation, because they were born into it, it is not unreasonable to imagine that there could be millions and millions of ‘channels’ of content produced.

Big Story Group is a community of people who love to create stories, to make people laugh, to entertain and to teach. Our efforts are represented by screenwriters, comedy writers, television writers, new media writers, actors, photographers, producers, directors, dancers, musicians, performers, graphic artists, editors and more.

No one can predict how the major studios will adjust to a multitude of new players, whether there will be tiers of content production, or whether entirely new structures of entertainment media production and distribution will evolve as a result of the disruption today. (Read about the continued and rapid development of Netflix.) Although no one really knows what “new media” or “entertainment media” will look like in five years, much less ten or fifteen, it is an exciting time for content creators.

What do you think…how will the digital age continue to change the entertainment industry?


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