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Big Story Screenwriting Competition

5 Ways to Write Better Dialogue and Bring Characters to Life

Write better dialogue – it can make or break any work of fiction. A great idea, brought to life with fast-paced action and good characterization, can fall flat if the words your characters speak are not believable. Like any other aspect of fiction writing, it takes practice to write better dialogue, but there are ways to maximize your chances of bringing your characters to life through the words they speak. You can develop ways to write better dialogue by using these methods…
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The 2015 Pulitzer Prize Winners Announced

The 2015 Pulitzer Prize winners were announced on Monday April 20th, 2015. The Pulitzer has been awarded to honor excellence in Journalism and the arts since 1917. The Pulitzer Prize was created by publisher Joseph Pulitzer to award achievements in newspaper, online journalism (added later), literature, and musical composition. There are now 21 categories.

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