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June 2014 Releases on Netflix & Amazon Prime

If you missed any of “Orange is the New Black: Season 2” or “Downton Abbey: Season 4”, you’re in luck: both will be available in the June 2014 Releases on Netflix & Amazon Prime. And don’t miss Nicole Kidman and Jude Law in “Cold Mountain”, the fabulous “The Triplets of Belleville” and Brad Pitt in “World War Z”.
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Are You Streaming Movies This Weekend?

If you are streaming movies, you probably already know about the streaming wars. As the availability of entertainment content grows and the methods to consume it expand, so does the opportunity to get and enjoy more for less. Take Netflix for example…Netflix video usage is more than 10 times Amazon and Hulu combined…their low cost and huge selection of over 60,000 streaming titles, not to mention a major overhaul this past week, makes it possible to enjoy so much for so little.
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