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New Version 11.5 of Lightworks and Beta 12


“Lightworks” version 11.5 is a powerful full-featured NLE video editor for virtually any format including multi-camera editing on Mac, Linux and Windows platforms. Lightworks Pro offers professional features and functionality in both the Lightworks Free and Lightworks Pro packages comparable to Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Autodesk Smoke, Blackmagic Resolve 11 and Sony Vegas. The NLE is available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis, or for purchase. The software includes a customizable interface, built in realtime effects, workgroup sharing and much more. From the Lighworks description:
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Beeban Kidron The Shared Wonder of Film


“Beeban Kidron – The Shared Wonder of Film” is a short video of Beeban Kidron’s TED Talk in 2012. Kidron is known for her work as a director and co-founder of FILMCLUB.

“[Young people] are negotiating a world with infinite choice, but little culture of how to find meaningful experience.”

“We are increasingly offered a diet [by Hollywood] in which sensation, not story, is king.”

The TED Talk description: “Movies have the power to create a shared narrative experience and to shape memories and worldviews. British film director Beeban Kidron invokes iconic film scenes — from Miracle in Milan to Boyz n the Hood — as she shows how her group FILMCLUB shares great films with kids.” Beeban Kidron directed Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason and Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit. She also cofounded FILMCLUB, a charity for students devoted to the art of storytelling through film. More from Kidron’s bio:
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Black Magic’s DaVinci Resolve 11 Color & Editing Updates


Black Magic announced major editing interface redesign and additions to the feature list of its flagship grading software DaVinci Resolve 11 earlier this year at the yearly NAB show in April. Although best recognized and regarded as one of the most advanced color grading and correction platforms used to create Hollywood-style color effects including Skyfall, Les Miserables, and Zero Dark Thirty, it now has over 100 new features, most of which are editing features. From the Davinci Resolve introduction:
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Making The Black Swan – Niko Tavernise


“Making The Black Swan” is a remarkable set of short behind-the-scenes journeys through the process of creating The Black Swan, a film by Darren Aronofsky (Noah, The Fountain, The Wrestler, Pi, Requiem for a Dream). Photographer and filmmaker Niko Tavernise has provided an excellent and insightful look at the creative process behind his award-winning film in a series of on-the-set reels documenting Aronofsky’s work, interviews with screenwriter Mark Heyman and director Aronofsky and actress Natalie Portman.
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DSLR Editing Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro


“DSLR Editing Workflow In Adobe Premiere Pro” is a complete tutorial to help you get set up and oriented for moving your footage from a DSLR to Adobe Premiere Pro and organizing your workflow for editing. This is Adobe’s description:

“In this updated video for Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Part 1 of 3), Principal Worldwide Evangelist Jason Levine walks you through the basics of importing footage from your DSLR directly into Adobe Premiere Pro, selecting clips, setting In/Out points, and building a sequence. Work with multiple formats/frame rates/frame sizes, all simultaneously, and learn how the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine can be modified to optimize playback performance, no matter what kind of machine you’re editing on.”

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