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It’s All About Story its-all-about-story

It’s All About Story

It is all about story. In fact, without great story telling, what else is there…in practically any medium? A film without a story is like a road trip without a map…oh sure, it may be great fun for part of the trip, it may be disaster for the rest. You think James Cameron or J.K. Rowlings start a project without a map…a plan…? In its simplest form, story simply attracts us, leads and compels us down a path, and concludes the journey with a resolution.

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Writing writing-for-entertainment-media


The key to good writing is…writing. Lots and lots of writing. That was rule number one repeated daily by my college Journalism Professor…and then my Creative Writing Professor. I believed it then and I believe it now. Like most skills, writing requires practice and discipline…for most of us, it takes time, commitment…a labor of love…

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Film film-editing

On 12, Sep 2015 | No Comments | In | By BSG


‘Film’ is really a ubiquitous (and ambiguous) term for endeavors including filmmaking, even though barely half the feature motion pictures nominated for an Academy Award actually used ‘film’. In reality, the heritage of motion pictures is at the quintessential center of creating a motion picture in terms of the process and medium.

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Awards Season Awards Season Awards Season Awards Season Awards Season

Awards Season

We’ve added the results for many of the top filmmaking awards groups that have already been recognized this awards season as a nominee or winner. The ‘read more’ link will show you the list of awards season updates. We have also included film music list of composer’s or performer’s music recognized by other notable online organizations that publish yearly ‘best of’ polls or votes for the film music category.
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Drive Drive

On 08, Dec 2011 | No Comments | In | By BSG


At the core of most of us is drive…some force, passion or purpose that propels us toward our destination and motivates us to attain our goals or reach our desired outcome. For some, drive may describe their chosen profession…so its just everyday work day in and day out. For others, its all about passion…doing what is inside them and getting it out in a form that excites and motivates them and their audience.

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Through the Lens through-the-lens through-the-lens-prague

Through the Lens

Everyone sees the world through the lens…literally and figuratively. Your own personal lens is simply a description of the context or framework within which you see things…you may view someone at work differently than you might  view them out of that context…like at a party or walking down the sidewalk.

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