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It’s All About Story its-all-about-story

It’s All About Story

It is all about story. In fact, without great story telling, what else is there…in practically any medium? A film without a story is like a road trip without a map…oh sure, it may be great fun for part of the trip, it may be disaster for the rest. You think James Cameron or J.K. Rowlings start a project without a map…a plan…? In its simplest form, story simply attracts us, leads and compels us down a path, and concludes the journey with a resolution.

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Writing writing-for-entertainment-media


The key to good writing is…writing. Lots and lots of writing. That was rule number one repeated daily by my college Journalism Professor…and then my Creative Writing Professor. I believed it then and I believe it now. Like most skills, writing requires practice and discipline…for most of us, it takes time, commitment…a labor of love…

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Games & Interactive Games & Interactive

Games & Interactive

It is a fantastic time to be involved in the game and interactive industry. If you are part of the four screen world consuming entertainment media, you have probably played a game or two…maybe even participate in online multiplayer games. It may not surprise you that there are more video game stores than book stores in New York City. Like so many things in entertainment media, technology has made things possible in games that were not possible even a few years ago.

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