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Film film-editing

On 12, Sep 2015 | No Comments | In | By BSG


‘Film’ is really a ubiquitous (and ambiguous) term for endeavors including filmmaking, even though barely half the feature motion pictures nominated for an Academy Award actually used ‘film’. In reality, the heritage of motion pictures is at the quintessential center of creating a motion picture in terms of the process and medium.

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Games & Interactive Games & Interactive

Games & Interactive

It is a fantastic time to be involved in the game and interactive industry. If you are part of the four screen world consuming entertainment media, you have probably played a game or two…maybe even participate in online multiplayer games. It may not surprise you that there are more video game stores than book stores in New York City. Like so many things in entertainment media, technology has made things possible in games that were not possible even a few years ago.

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Photography Photography Photography

On 07, Dec 2011 | No Comments | In | By BSG


Photography hasn’t changed that much in 100 years. Well, maybe a little. Seeing your result is instant. Exposure range is unbelievable. Lens quality continues to escalate to incredible levels. Basic post production is in camera…not to mention GEO-tagging with GPS coordinates, simultaneous ‘film-like’ video and still frames, image stabilization and low-light capabilities beyond belief.

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