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Screenwriting Software – Free, Inexpensive & Industry Standard

There are dozens of ways you can properly format your script so it follows industry standards. A common question we get is why is it so important to format your script using industry standards. Studio readers, executives, directors, producers, content and competition judges, and others in the business have all spent years reading hundreds of screenplays, so their eyes and mind are ‘trained’ to get the job done quickly and efficiently following the industry standards.

Thousands of scripts are submitted to them every week. With a little research online about this question, you can find consultants and writers with the answer…if your submission is not in the industry standard format, it goes in the recycle file.

Here a re few suggestions you should consider, depending on your budget. Most companies that offer products for sale have a free trail period so you can test drive the software before you buy. Technology is changing so fast that some are relatively new.

The simplest free way to format your screenplay is to download the Microsoft Word Template for screenplays and use it as your master template for writing. It has the formatting already set…you just make a copy of your template master and start writing. You can also download the free bullet point story template available on the same page. This is a simple story structure tool to help organize your screenplay.

A quick poll of writers and coaches shows that the general favorite is Final Draft Screenwriting Software, one of the most-used, and most sophisticated software applications for writers in film.

We beta tested the new hosted solution Adobe Story before it was released as part of the new Adobe Creative Cloud and found it a very capable tool. It also has the advantage of cloud based storage, synchronization with your working versions and much more. There is a free version for members of Adobe Creative Cloud as well as a premium version called Adobe Story Plus.

Fade In Screenwriting software is an inexpensive option for a feature-packed way to help you get your screenplay written. This complete solution for writing screenplays includes tools for outlining, organizing, and navigating, as well as extensive screenplay formatting and tools for managing rewrites and revisions.

Another free option is the Writer Duet Collaborative Screenwriting software. This is a professional full-featured script writing solution that enables you and as many other writers as you want to work together on the same script.

Wikipedia has a thorough list of screenwriting applications and software to explore…each has a link to its own Wikipedia page that provides a great deal of unbiased information about their features, or to the company’s website.

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