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What is the difference between digital content and traditional content?


BBC just announced that everything they will do will be for digital content instead of re-purposing old broadcast content…what is the difference…?

Category: asked September 19, 2012

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Entertainment infrastructures have been preparing for this inevitability for years by converting and synthesizing their content in order to deliver it across all channels or distribution platforms. Until recently, these distribution channels were largely analog. A movie theater showing films could not show a movie if it was in digital format. Movie theaters can show film and digital, so most films are delivered to distributors in both formats…for now.

Virtually all distribution and delivery will be totally digital…very soon, eliminating the need to deliver an analog (film) version for distribution. Filmmakers are already making ‘films’ using totally digital pre- and post production technologies. Shooting styles are changing dramatically to ensure that every scene will work on every device. Filmmakers often shoot more than one version of a scene and create more than one version of their project in post production…a small screen version and a large screen version for example.

One to Many: Now content can be distributed across any carrier with digital distribution channels to any device designed to receive it — smartphones, TV, tablets and computers. In essence, this means that digital content, properly designed, may be distributed on any…or all…of these platforms to these devices dramatically broadening the potential audiences and market size.


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