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Problems displaying videos in browser or in the larger view?


Video previews are not displaying in your browser or in the larger viewer popup…

Category: asked December 30, 2015

1 Answer


This message indicates that some YouTube scripts are not on our site, which is normal. In each of these cases, you have the choice to accept or allow or stop blocking the content in question to enable viewing of the video. This situation occurs because our entire site uses the HTTPS protocol and not all content and scripts used by others are HTTPS protocol. Additionally, you are not exchanging any information with any other site including YouTube when viewing videos.

Internet Explorer: This message may appear at the bottom of the screen – “Only secure content is displayed.”

Chrome: Look for and hover over the shield in the URL field – it says “This page includes scripts from unauthenticated sources.”

Firefox: Look for the shield in the URL field and click on it – it says “Firefox has blocked content that isn’t secure.”


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