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Through the Lens

Everyone sees the world through the lens…literally and figuratively. Your own personal lens is simply a description of the context or framework within which you see things…you may view someone at work differently than you might  view them out of that context…like at a party or walking down the sidewalk.

Everyone is Looking…

Literally, technology has enabled all of us to get ‘behind the camera’ and look through the lens. If you use your smartphone or tablet to photograph or video anything, you are seeing and framing your subjects and scenes through the lens. If you have shared your images and videos on your favorite social site, emailed them or posted them on photography or video sites, you have distributed your content to audiences. Digital photographers and filmmakers are sharing experiences with audiences all over the world…a feat that was virtually impossible only a few years ago.

Writers create stories that portray the vision they have looking through a particular lens…filmmakers are acutely aware of the interactions and interdependence of story and processes required to get that vision ready for the screen. They are also acutely aware of the challenges and hurdles to getting it distributed. Today, with the low cost of technology and worldwide distribution using the web, anyone can create, develop and produce content to share a vision or idea with hundreds or thousands or millions of people who share a like-minded interest.


“I guess I kind of lived in a fairytale world… looking at everything through rose-colored glasses. I probably always will, to a certain extent. ”

-Sharon Stone

The Audience is Everywhere

The possibilities go far beyond the ‘traditional’ filmmaking, writing, composing, acting and photography processes associated with digital content creation or the ‘traditional’ analog distribution channels. These possibilities stretch our perception of the world by letting us look through the lens of anyone and everyone whose content interests us. The audience is no longer defined by small groups sitting in theaters, television broadcast schedules and show times…the audience is anyone and everyone…anywhere and everywhere.



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