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Photography hasn’t changed that much in 100 years. Well, maybe a little. Seeing your result is instant. Exposure range is unbelievable. Lens quality continues to escalate to incredible levels. Basic post production is in camera…not to mention GEO-tagging with GPS coordinates, simultaneous ‘film-like’ video and still frames, image stabilization and low-light capabilities beyond belief.

Leaving Room for Nothing But Creativity in Your Photography…

The digital age has elevated the visual image to a new status. Print media…magazines and newspapers…are seeing the end of their reign as “new media” or “entertainment media” across all digital consumption channels displaces them. Unlike the transient nature of moving images, a photograph is the quintessence of a moment in time determined by the creativity and vision of the photographer. Incredible images are possible from smartphones and remarkably inexpensive digital cameras…all it takes is the creativity, inspiration, vision and discipline of the photographer to make the image.


“Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution. ” -Ansel Adams

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