New Version 11.5 of Lightworks and Beta 12


“Lightworks” version 11.5 is a powerful full-featured NLE video editor for virtually any format including multi-camera editing on Mac, Linux and Windows platforms. Lightworks Pro offers professional features and functionality in both the Lightworks Free and Lightworks Pro packages comparable to Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Autodesk Smoke, Blackmagic Resolve 11 and Sony Vegas. The NLE is available on a monthly or yearly subscription basis, or for purchase. The software includes a customizable interface, built in realtime effects, workgroup sharing and much more. From the Lighworks description:

Lightworks is our full-featured editor with all the power, performance and features you would expect, with support for all major professional broadcast formats from SD, HD, 2K and Red 4K files. We believe that to make great work, you need great tools. And editing is no exception. Our mission is to give everybody access to the most affordable professional non-linear video editor available. Offering the same tools that professionals around the world have been using every day for the last 20 years to edit feature films, dramas, news and sports. Lightworks gives you everything you need to make your next movie look great!

Additional details for the Lightworks Pro version:

Lightworks Pro includes support for Blackmagic, AJA and Matrox hardware I/O. Project Sharing, enabling groups of editors to all work and collaborate together within their networked environment. Export to all broadcast mastering formats such Avid DNxHD, Panasonic and Sony Formats, AVCHD, MOV, MXF, AVI. Interchange with other applications (AVID, Protools, FCP, Resolve) with AAF, OMF, EDL and Film Cutting Lists. You can even export to a distribution format MPEG-4 (Web, YouTube and Vimeo) at a maximum resolution of 1080p or to DVD and Blu-ray.

For a complete review and comparison of Lightworks features and to download the Lightworks 12 Beta, visit their website.

Lightworks 11.5 New Effects

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