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Into The Forest

On 12, May 2016 | No Comments | In Entertainment, Movies | By Entertainment


Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood fight for survival in a post-apocalyptic world in Patricia Rozema’s “Into The Forest”. The film is based on the book written by Jean Hegland published in 1996. From the A24 description:

Set in the near future, this riveting and suspenseful apocalyptic drama follows two sisters, Nell (Ellen Page) and Eva (Evan Rachel Wood) who live in the Pacific Northwest with their kindly father, Robert. Nell is focused on her studies and Eva is training to be a dancer, but their peaceful lives are disrupted one day by what turns out to be a continent-wide blackout.

Whereas at first the family bond together and try to make the most of their difficult circumstances, as time gone on, the challenges become more serious. In the wake of a shocking and violent confrontation that Robert has with a menacing passerby, the sisters must work together in order to survive in their increasingly treacherous new world.

From a TIFF review by Filmstage:

“Half inspiring narrative of mankind’s perseverance, watching these girls teach themselves about nature and how to stay alive while severed from civilization is just that. The experience is tense, since we know this can’t be everything the story holds for us. They cannot live free from the violence and aggression we know simmers outside their forest surroundings with order thrown out the window. It’s not like no one knows where they are or that their home wouldn’t be seen as a target for supplies by passing drifters. Visitors are inevitable and while some remain pure at heart, others don’t. The film isn’t some last stand at the Alamo, though. It’s even worse because there isn’t a war or enemies to blame—just one person against another.” Read more.

Directed by Patricia Rozema. Written by Jean Hegland (novel) and Patricia Rozema (screenplay). Starring Ellen Page, Evan Rachel Wood, Max Minghella, Callum Keith Rennie, Michael Eklundand Wendy Crewson. Release date July 22nd, 2016 (USA). Return to Thumbnail View.

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