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Emma Thompson on Screenwriting


“BAFTA Screenwriters lecture Series” is created by The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), an organization with approximately 6,500 individuals in the UK and the US with a vast collective experience across film, television and games. BAFTA extends access to this wealth of inspiring knowledge with its Guru Series with its goal of “inspiring minds in film, TV and games”. The series includes In Focus and the Sreenwriters Lecture Series in VFX, Screenwriting, Hair & Makeup, Directing and Editing. From the BAFTA description of Emma Thompson on Screenwriting:

“Just write. It doesn’t matter what you write. Just sit at that desk and write.” Emma Thompson (Sense and Sensibility, Saving Mr. Banks, Nanny McPhee) delivers an entertaining and heart-felt lecture, as she demonstrates her own writing processes and discusses failure, adaptation and inspiration.

BAFTA Screenwriting Lecture Series with Emma Thompson (Sense and Sensibility, Saving Mr. Banks, Nanny McPhee). Return to Thumbnail View.

BAFTA Screenwriting Lecture Series – Emma Thompson on Screenwriting

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