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Cloud Chamber


“Cloud Chamber” is part film, part alternate reality game, part social network. You are asked to work together via a single web portal to uncover the story of a young scientist who risked her sanity and betrayed her father in order to “save humanity from its most dangerous enemy: itself.” Using “found footage” across a variety of media, players navigate, collaborate and interact in order to discover the truth. Christian Fonnesbech and Frederik Ovlisen describe Cloud Chamber as “fiction for the Facebook generation – part social filmed mystery and part game.

Cloud Chamber is an online experience mixing movies, games and social. It’s a new kind of mystery – about our place in the universe, love and electronic music.” The filmed elements feature Gethin Anthony (Game of Thrones), Jesper Christensen (Melancholia, Quantum of Solace) and Sara Hjort Ditlevsen. Return to Thumbnail View.

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