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Movies can be fascinating, interesting, motivating, amazing, provoking, moving and mesmerizing. Movies can promote dialogs between us to understand the myriad of interests manifested by the writers, directors, actors, musicians…everyone who collaborated to create and bring the the movie to completion. Many are produced on limited budgets with hugely talented creators and actors as the cost of self production declines and opportunities for self distribution expand.

Visit often and watch movie previews…some from Big Story Group friends and peers…others from filmmakers from all over the world. If you have a trailer you would like to see included here, please contact us through the Contact Big Story Group page. As we continue to add new dimensions to our online platforms, we look forward to our members to let us know what they are most interested in.

Are you interested in developing your movie review skills? Big Story Group members can submit their own movie reviews…just log in (or register), find a movie you’ve seen and write your review…once you are logged in the movie review form is on the detail page for each preview. Of course you can also leave your comments about any of the movies here, and we’ll continue to add more. Watch Big Story Group for more about movies of all kinds and our movie review learning programs and contest opportunities.

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