Moments That Changed The Movies – Jurassic Park


“Moments That Changed The Movies – Jurassic Park” is a short documentary film that explores the making of the 1993 science fiction thriller film by Steven Spielberg “Jurassic Park” and its impact on the movie industry. Interest in Jurassic park films has increased with the upcoming film by Colin Trevorrow “Jurassic World” to be released in June 2015.

“Its then-state-of-the-art special effects, a combination of mechanical creations and computer images, are still as believable as the high-techiest creatures onscreen today.” – Nell Minow,

As part of The Academy Of Motion Pictures Arts And Sciences (AMPAS) ‘Moments That Changed The Movies’ series, the short Academy Original is based on the groundbreaking digital dinosaurs that were created for the movie, and the filmmakers, animators and artists behind them. Jurassic Park made history when Spielberg made the groundbreaking decision to create digital dinosaurs thereby changing the course of filmmaking.

The nine-minute video breaks down just how revolutionary the effects in Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park” were in the early 1990’s. Featured in the short film: Kathleen Kennedy (Producer), Steve Williams (ILM animator), Stefan Fangmeier (ILM graphics Supervisor), Marke Dippe (ILM visual effects supervisor), Dennis Muren (ILM visual effects supervisor), John Rosengrant (supervisor, Stan Winston Studios) and Rick Carter (production designer).

According to the AMPAS description, “Academy Originals” are a documentary-style video series produced by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Episodes examine everything from the creative process, to the moments that changed the course of filmmaking, to the artists who are charting its future.

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