Judging Committee Scoring

Scoring Dashboard

This is your list of submissions to evaluate and score…each time you score a submission it will automatically be removed from the list, and each time a new submission is assigned to you it will appear on the list automatically. Click on the ‘Title’ to open the submission and read the synopsis. Click on the ‘PDF’ icon to open the screenplay in a new window.

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(Click on the PDF icon under “Screenplay PDF” to view the complete screenplay submission in a new tab.)


[divider] Scoring Form [/divider]

This is the scoring form…the criteria titles are abbreviated but indicate the same criteria as those in your evaluation packet. When you are ready to score a submission, first select the title of the submission you will be scoring in the drop down list. As you progress through the form, you can re-open the submission from the list above if you like. Each scoring process is final when you click the submit button at the end of the form when the form is complete.

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(You will not be able to submit your scoring if any criteria have been left blank, and you will not be able to revise your scoring after you click “Submit Scoring”.)

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