“Intruders” is the new eight-episode BBC America series based on Michael Marshall Smith’s novel “The Intruders”. The series follows a secret society devoted to the quest for immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others. “We do die, but we can return,” one of the stars states which presents the mystery and supernatural elements of the series.

“Intruders” stars John Simm as Jack Whelan, with Mira Sorvino as his wife Amy. The cast also includes James Frain as Shepherd, Tory Kittles as Gary Fischer, and ten-year-old Millie Brown as Madison.

The series revolves around ex-cop Jack Whalen (Simms), who has escaped a dark, violent past for a seemingly quiet life with his wife, Amy (Sorvino, who will play two characters in the same body). When she goes missing, Jack starts an investigation that forces him to confront his past. Frain will play Richards Shepherd, a murderer on a 20-year secret mission who claims to be an FBI agent.

Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner, part of the team responsible for bringing Doctor Who back to TV in 2005, have teamed up with executive producers Glen Morgan (The X-Files) and Rose Lam (The L Word) to bring a new original series to BBC America. The creative team also includes Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Stamm, along with production designer Mark Freeborn. Premieres August 23rd, 2014 at 10PM ET. Return to Thumbnail View.

First Intruders Teaser

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