Introduction to DSLR Filmmaking Basic Tutorial


“Introduction to DSLR Filmmaking” is a basic tutorial created by filmmakers Fenchel and Janisch who started working in filmmaking in 2005. Their production company produces corporate films for small businesses and has helped them develop the skills to help others improve their filmmaking. As techniques and technology developed, they switched their entire filmmaking process and equipment from HDV to DSLR cameras in 2010. Based in the German city of Frankfurt, they are passionate about creating DSLR filmmaking tutorials. Their vision is to become more international with their work helping others to improve their skills in filmmaking as well as shooting and producing videos, commercials and documentary films worldwide.

This basic tutorial takes you through the initial recommended steps for setting up a DSLR camera and understanding the differences in controlling exposure, white balance, ISO settings, lens selection, focus, depth of field and shutter speed in filmmaking compared to still photography and much more. Return to Thumbnail View.

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