Information Age Behaviors Changing…

Our behaviors are driven by, well, just about everything…but today technology has the most interesting force on us. Some of us may find ourselves learning how to operate the newest whiz bang gadget as the result of information age behaviors changing.

There may even be some of us that need to download the gadget’s flight manual – there’s a behavior change – just to figure out how to turn it on. Cell phones are a great example of rapid adoption and accelerated behavioral change. I was a very early adopter, carrying around a military-sized cell phone with its coiled cord connecting the handset to the base and battery pack…weighing in at about 4 pounds.

Today, watch any teenager in the electronics department. They can pick up the newest anything and cruise around on it performing all manner of activities in a nanosecond even though the gadgets are a hundred times more complex than cell phones that weighed four pounds. They are not adopters however…they have no behavior to modify…they’ve grown up immersed in the user behavior of these technologies.

So, depending on your age, there is less reading. With your smart phone in hand, there is no answer you can’t get in seconds. Have a question…? Here’s the answer just by Googling it. You may be interested in the recent study by Google about the behavior of content consumption in the four screen world…you’ll be surprised at the percentage of web activities that start on your mobile phone.

How have your behaviors changed in the last few years? Comment below, or send Big Story Group your short story for the upcoming feature about adopting technologies…you’ll find everything you need on Big Story Contribute Content.


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