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How to Write a Screenplay

On 20, Sep 2017 | No Comments | In Filmmaking, Screenwriting Contests | By BSG

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts – BAFTA – has assembled a remarkable group of screenwriters and created a series of three videos in their “How I Write” series. The screenwriters discuss their working process from research to outlining and first draft to rewriting to provide you with insights about how to write a screenplay offering tips and techniques to get your screenplay underway.


How I Write: Preparation 1/3


How do screenwriters begin a new project? BAFTA spoke to a range of leading experts who offer insights into their working process. Find out why David S. Goyer meditates, how food shopping helps Susannah Grant, and why long walks lead to Richard Curtis writing Love Actually.

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How I Write: The First Draft 2/3


So you’re ready to start writing your first draft – how do you begin? BAFTA interviews screenwriting experts who reveal their top tips and techniques, discussing the common mistakes to avoid, overcoming doubts and knowing when you’re on the right track.

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How I Write: Re-writing 3/3


One of the biggest challenges any writer faces is re-writing their script. In this third BAFTA video, expert screenwriters discuss whether there’s a limit to the number of re-writes you can do, responding to criticism, and keeping enthusiastic about your screenwriting efforts.

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We’ve included BAFTA’s brief introduction for each video…visit the BAFTA Guru Screenwriting Page for more.

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