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Samsung launched the ‘Samsung Digital Health Initiative’, an ambitious personal health and wellness program to create platforms for developers to create wearable technologies for monitoring your health. Based on open hardware and software, the development of advanced sensors, algorithms, and data collection and analysis could lead to advanced methods of of monitoring and understanding what is happening with your body. From the Samsung description:

The combination of Simband-designed sensor technologies and algorithms and SAMI-based software will take individual understanding of the body to a new level – for the first time giving voice to a deeper understanding of personal health and wellness. In addition, through the development of new sensing technologies and software, it’s possible that entirely new and previously unimagined insights into health and wellness could be generated.

To support its Digital Health Initiative, Samsung also announced the Samsung Digital Health Challenge, a $50 million investment fund dedicated to innovative start-ups and technologies in the connected health area. The goal of the fund is to stimulate creative new approaches to digital health and Samsung’s open platforms. Read the entire announcement at Samsung Tomorrow.

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