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Google Launches Chromecast Technology

Google launched its next big thing for TV on 7.24.13, Chromecast. Developed by the same team that have been working on Google TV for several years, the simplified technology streams media from the cloud that you have found by search and discovery of video content on your mobile device or laptop.

Considering that Apple ¬†has sold 12 million Apple TV’s, the most popular video streaming device with a huge 56 percent worldwide market share, the market is ready for a real competitor. The features that Apple will need to beat: Chromecast can synchronize playback across multiple devices making it easy to start watching content on one device, pause it and move to another device to continue watching.

“Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons.” – Popular Mechanics, 1949

In reality, the technology will enable users to realize a more robust environment to enjoy content anywhere, anytime form any device…the promise of a digital world. Who will provide the tools to enjoy that world, be the gatekeeper and at what cost remains to be seen. Read the complete article by Janko Roettgers on


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