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Tale Of The Princess Kaguya

On 07, Dec 2014 | No Comments | In Entertainment, Movies | By Entertainment


“The Tale Of The Princess Kaguya” is the newest and highly anticipated film from Isao Takahata, the influential and acclaimed Japanese filmmaker. From the IMDb description:
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The Simpsons Couch Gag


Fox premiered The Simpsons® 26th season on September 28th, 2014 with “Clown in the Dumps” featuring a couch gag by Oscar®-nominated animator Don Hertzfeldt exploring how the show might look when it’s in season 800.

The Simpsons® Lego® Couch Gag has been released in advance of its FOX premiere on May 4 at 8p.m. In the 550th episode of the iconic series, Homer is torn between two realities. Naturally, the Perky Patty Princess Shop game provides the answer.

Watch the couch gag for The Simpsons directed by guest filmmaker Sylvain Chomet (Triplets of Belleville, The Illusionist, Paris, je t’aime). All of the appropriate French ingredients have been added from snails to foie gras. Now with over 500 episodes, the series has featured several well-known artists, filmmakers and others to direct the couch gag portion of an episode with their own unique flair.
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Strange Magic

On 24, Nov 2014 | No Comments | In Entertainment, Movies | By Entertainment


“Strange Magic” is the first film by George Lucas and Lucasfilm Ltd. since 2008…and since Disney acquired Lucasfilm Ltd. Based on William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, Strange Magic takes us deep into the magical worlds of a fairy kingdom and a forest with villains and goblins. From the Touchstone Pictures description:
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On 13, Nov 2014 | No Comments | In Entertainment, Movies | By Entertainment


“Sausage” is the award-winning first animated short from British filmmaker Robert Grieves. On the surface, it is about sausage…and donuts…but at its core the film explores the challenges of small, personalized businesses when big industry comes to town. From Grieves’ description:

This is Sausage, the multi award-winning and Oscar long-listed animated short film. Picked by ‘Short of the Week’ and ‘Cartoon Brew’, and Vimeo’s ‘Staff Pick’. This retro animation introduces us to two artisan stallholders who’s idyllic world is invaded by a devious fast-food vendor. The ferocious turf war that follows provokes life changing events that result in one deliciously sourcey discovery.

Story, animation and design by Robert Grieves. Mentor for story and animation Simon Williams. Music composition by Dan Radclyffe. Sound design and mix by Leaf Troup. Additional music by Mario Bordbar and Paul Worsley. Return to Thumbnail View.


Grand Jury Prize – Amsterdam Film Fest
Best Animation, Mexico International Film Fest
Best Animation, Foyle Film Fest
Best Animation, NYC Indie Film Fest
Best Animation, The UK Film Fest
Best Short, Food Film Festival (Croatia)
Best Short, PROMAX UK Shorts
Best Short (runner up), Food Film Festival (Holland)

Sausage Short Film

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Big Hero 6

On 04, Nov 2014 | No Comments | In Entertainment, Movies | By Entertainment


Inspired by the Marvel comics of the same name, “Big Hero 6″ is the Walt Disney Animation Studios 54th film that tells the story of Hiro Hamada, a brilliant robotics prodigy that teams up with a robot named Baymax. The action adventure comedy follows Hiro, who learns to harness his genius thanks to his brilliant brother Tadashi and their like-minded friends: adrenaline junkie Go Go Tamago, neatnik Wasabi, chemistry whiz Honey Lemon and fanboy Fred. More from the Disney description:
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Lego Batman

On 11, Oct 2014 | No Comments | In Entertainment, Movies | By Entertainment


One of the most popular Lego® movie characters will get his own Lego fame in the spinoff “Lego Batman” movie. The Dark Knight appeared in “The Lego Movie” which was the first project from Warner Bros. animation…watch the trailer for the Dark Knight in the first Lego Movie.
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On 18, Sep 2014 | No Comments | In Entertainment, Movies | By Entertainment


Director Genndy Tartakovsky describes his journey from childhood to animation director at Sony for the upcoming feature “Popeye” – the origins and adventures of the strongest sailor. Following his introduction is an animation test which provides an excellent sense of the look for the new film.
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