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Filling in the Blanks: The Digital Audience

The digital audience is anywhere, everywhere and everyone. If you have a smartphone or tablet or laptop or computer or (internet┬áconnected) TV, you are the modern day digital audience…consumers of entertainment, news, learning, documentaries, books…and that describes just about everybody.

Look at the difference between past content consumption audiences and current digital audiences…the shift from traditional ‘broadcast’ models to modern, digital ‘narrowcast’ models. In other words, you don’t have to be home at 8:00 PM Friday evening to watch your favorite show on a television screen…because that’s the only place you can see it…you can record it or download it or stream it to the device of your choice and convenience to consume it anywhere, anytime and any place you choose. Mobile devices, along with the increasing bandwidth, connectivity and content availability, could largely make broadcast television and radio irrelevant.

So what is narrowcast? Network, cable and satellite companies have been developing narrowcast models for years…highly niche specific content for highly specific consumer audiences. When you add the possibility of choosing when you want to see content on which device, you have the true definition of narrowcast. It is no longer about paying to see a movie in a theater or a subscription to have hundreds of choices on cable or satellite. The big content companies know perfectly well that you only want to pay for what you want…not for everything else…and that is where we are headed.


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