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Entertainment news is full of new opportunities to create coming into view every day across the spectrum of creative content and the entertainment industry. The speed of change is greatly affected by new technology developments and how quickly and broadly they are changing the way content is created, developed, distributed and consumed.

The paradigm shifts are still in motion with soft edges, keeping the door open to discussion and conversation about how these changes will effect creation and consumption in particular. Google’s recent study exploring changes in the ‘four screen’ world of content consumption illuminates how quickly and how significant these changes are occurring and what it predicts for entertainment content. Don’t miss our overview of the February 21, 2013 Business Insider article “Second Screen Industry Set To Explode”.

Speaking of the speed of change…don’t miss the entertainment news about how quickly two recent movie projects hit incredible funding trajectories in a matter of hours. Inviting the public to fund your entertainment content project may be a way to get it off the ground.

There are several related articles below that explore this topic…check the Recent Features on Big Story Group on the right…and stay tuned for more.

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