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Context in the entertainment content world is changing, and Big Story Group is pursuing the ways context change can benefit content creators. Previously few content creators could hope to ‘get their foot in the door’ of the tightly controlled creation, production and distribution entertainment industry. This is all changing very fast because the context is changing.

(Context is from the Latin contextus meaning connection of words, coherence…from contexere to weave together, the parts of a discourse that surround a word or passage and can throw light on its meaning…the interrelated conditions in which something exists or occurs…the environment or setting.)

Big Story Group: Context Changing

Driven by technology paradigms lowering of the bars that previously limited entertainment content creators from creating quality content and moving it along to distribution, it is now possible for anyone of almost any means to create, develop and distribute quality content to anyone. Welcome to the digital world.

Often, context changes are disruptive…initially. On one end of the spectrum there are notable signs that the traditional broadcast and network television industry is ‘getting the message’. Will Farrell’s own “Funny or Die” website, a comedy platform circumventing television, is generating 30 million in advertising revenues. This is the ‘A-List’ end of the spectrum…a notable high-profile talent with a huge following…clearly pointing the way.

Well-known comedian Louis C.K. cut out TV networks by selling his latest comedy special online – then used network airtime to promote it. The strategy helped him earn a million dollars in a matter of days, half of which he gave away to his staff and charities.

In each case, these A-List talents have changed the context of distributing their content…they have successfully used the web to distribute their content to their existing as well as new audiences rather than using broadcast television…retaining their rights and complete control. You may find Google’s recent study about the four screen world and how it is changing context for content consumption by today’s consumers.

Big Story Group’s vision is not purely a disruptive one…our vision and business model is not just a thrill ride at the county fair. Big Story Group sees extraordinary opportunity for creators in coming years to ride the waves of these paradigm shifts as they roll forward through the important context changes of technology, entertainment and demographics. Throughout our website you can find opportunities to contribute content and submit content for our upcoming competitions. Also beginning in 2013, you will start to see additions to our engagement and collaboration environments that we believe will be context changers as well. Stay tuned.


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