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Michael Mclennan’s ‘The symmetry of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window’ explores a “common structural choice in storytelling – that the new equilibrium wrought by a story echoes the equilibrium into which we were introduced at the story’s outset.”

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Francis Ford Coppola discusses the importance of sound in filmmaking…”it’s fifty percent of the production value but far less inexpensive”…the approach became known as the ‘San Francisco Approach’. “Engineering and sound seems to be going through a golden age…”



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Lorenzo Antico has combined the final shots of thirty three films in this unique look at endings…”a reflection on the inspiring, cathartic and transcendent power of the final moment in a movie.” The montage includes final shots from 33 different movies, just before fade to black….do you know all 33 films…?
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Watch him perform live The Thrill is Gone at Montreux in 1993…

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The Thrill is Gone…Riley B. King, the legendary guitarist known as B.B. King, whose velvety voice and staccato-picking style brought blues from the margins to the mainstream, died Thursday night. Watch him perform…



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GoPro: Land, Air and Sea – A Virtual Reality Experience. GoPro’s recently acquired Kolor, a company specializing in 360 degree video software, makes it possible to stitche together video from multiple cameras – click the arrows in the round control and watch the dolphins…



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George Lucas talks about the digital revolution and how it changed the process of moviemaking in “Star Wars | The Digital Revolution with George Lucas”…



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Darius Britt breaks down three-act screenplay structure in the short “3 Act Story Structure” and more…



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“Voting Audrey” is a short film by Lena Dunham starring Zoe Kazan as a young woman running for office…



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What can one detail tell us about a scene? If you’re Lynne Ramsay, absolutely everything. Tony Zhou creates a visual essay about the poetic possibilities of cinema with one of Scotland’s finest contemporary filmmakers. Music by Nick Drake, Cello Song; The Beach Boys, In My Room (Instrumental); Aphex Twin, Goon Gumpas; The Mamas & the Papas, Dedicated to the One I Love. Interview Clips Lynne Ramsay (Ratcatcher Criterion DVD), Martin Scorsese (Dinner for Five S03E16), Martin Scorsese (1970 WNYC Radio) and Gasman (1997 short film)….

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