DSLR Editing Workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro


“DSLR Editing Workflow In Adobe Premiere Pro” is a complete tutorial to help you get set up and oriented for moving your footage from a DSLR to Adobe Premiere Pro and organizing your workflow for editing. This is Adobe’s description:

“In this updated video for Adobe Premiere Pro CC (Part 1 of 3), Principal Worldwide Evangelist Jason Levine walks you through the basics of importing footage from your DSLR directly into Adobe Premiere Pro, selecting clips, setting In/Out points, and building a sequence. Work with multiple formats/frame rates/frame sizes, all simultaneously, and learn how the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine can be modified to optimize playback performance, no matter what kind of machine you’re editing on.”

Starting with Premiere Pro CS5, moving media from the camera to the timeline became much simpler: no transcoding, no proxies. Media can be imported through Adobe Bridge/Photo Downloader, or load media content directly off your CF/XD/SD/Express/PCMCIA card from a card reader. Full frame-size, mixed frame rates, all residing together in the Premiere Pro CS5 or higher timeline. The incredible new 64-bit Mercury Playback and native 64-bit architecture make incredible editing workflow possible. Return to Thumbnail View.

[lightbox link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDjhZDxFuuQ&width=853&height=480″ rel=0″]Large Player[/lightbox] or [lightbox link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDjhZDxFuuQ&width=1280&height=720″ rel=0″]Really Large Player[/lightbox]

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