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Big Story Colophon

col·o·phon: from the Greek ‘kolophon,’ finishing touch. 1. A brief description of a publication or production notes relevant to the edition.

The Big Story Colophon is a description or ‘finishing touch’ from the thoughts and ideas, insight and inspiration of poets, writers, filmmakers, producers, directors, artists, photographers, designers, painters, animators and performers…anyone whose vision or understanding of creativity, life and its wonders brings clarity or understanding to creating content…including you.
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Art and Life, Birth and Death


Why are we filmmakers, photographers, film goers, critics…authors, writers and actors…painters, animators and singers…why are we?

Humans search for their place and meaning by living, and almost to a single individual, that definition is, well…singular, unique, self inspired and self-illuminated. “Art washes away the dust of everyday life”, said Pablo Picasso. I believe that he meant is that without the expressions and experiences we make through our personal creative efforts, life is a slow moving way to collect dust.

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Your Creative Direction

It’s possible that the best screenplay you ever wrote could be better as a television series…or webisodes…or mobisodes. Creative direction is often self-evident, but as the digital world opens the doors wider, keep your eyes open for different opportunities. If the only thing you want to do is write that screenplay for a major Hollywood film, you may be limiting your opportunities, overestimating the chances of even getting it read, and underestimating the possibilities of the burgeoning world of entertainment media.

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