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Soderbergh on Cinema – A Specificity of Vision

The title is just one of the many thought-provoking statements Steven Soderbergh made in his “State of Cinema” presentation at the San Francisco Film Festival. Contextually, Soderbergh on cinema might be polarizing to some…he wraps his vision with insightful, intelligent and at times sarcastic jibes at how the art of cinema is changing with his own specific views of filmmaking. The changes, good or bad, largely depend on which side of the equation you’re on.

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Theatre of the Future

Veronica Mars Movie Funded by The Public in Hours

Talk about the sky’s the limit…what do you do when a movie funded by the public in hours to the tune of $2.5 million reaches its goal in a matter of a few days setting all kinds of records. The attached studio…ahem, Warner Bros.,…then green lights the feature film based on a not-so-popular television show almost immediately…read the article Continue reading