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Big Story Colophon

col·o·phon: from the Greek ‘kolophon,’ finishing touch. 1. A brief description of a publication or production notes relevant to the edition.

The Big Story Colophon is a description or ‘finishing touch’ from the thoughts and ideas, insight and inspiration of poets, writers, filmmakers, producers, directors, artists, photographers, designers, painters, animators and performers…anyone whose vision or understanding of creativity, life and its wonders brings clarity or understanding to creating content…including you.
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The Science of Character – A Film by Tiffany Shlain


“The Science of Character” is a new Cloud Filmmaking short film by Tiffany Shlain celebrating and exploring the factors that together form character, who we are and who we can become. The film is also an excellent and comprehensive description of ways that you can enhance or intensify your own character attributes and strengths. It may also provide writers with an interesting methodology for character development.
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