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The Next Rembrandt – How This New Painting Was Created

On 27, Jun 2016 | In Culture, Industry News, Photography, Technology | By BSG


Blurring the boundaries between art and technology, the organization “The Next Rembrandt” set out on a challenge to see if the great Master could be brought back to life to create a new painting. Together, ING, Microsoft and others collaborated on the project to use modern computer and imaging technologies that would re-create Rembrandt van Rijn’s inimitable style and technique. From The Next Rembrandt project:
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What Is The Future Of TV?

On 09, Jun 2016 | In Culture, Entertainment | By BSG

What is the Future of TV?

Chuck Klosterman asks “What is the Future of TV?” in his provocative article about the past, present and future of television. In his new book ‘But What If We’re Wrong’ investigates which things we now accept as certainties might one day be proven wrong.
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