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Art and Life, Birth and Death


Why are we filmmakers, photographers, film goers, critics…authors, writers and actors…painters, animators and singers…why are we?

Humans search for their place and meaning by living, and almost to a single individual, that definition is, well…singular, unique, self inspired and self-illuminated. “Art washes away the dust of everyday life”, said Pablo Picasso. I believe that he meant is that without the expressions and experiences we make through our personal creative efforts, life is a slow moving way to collect dust.

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The Future of Web Series, Webisodes, Mobisodes, Video, Television

Will Your Stories Matter if Big Data Decides?

It’s difficult to imagine a world in which the decision to produce a film or publish a book is left to…a computer. How will producers select from the potential tidal wave of screenplays if there are hundreds of thousands…or millions…of scripts to consider from talented writers all over the world? And, considering the rising tide of creativity and skill from writers worldwide, an ever increasing percentage of the scripts that are in the pool for consideration may be really good.

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Soderbergh on Cinema – A Specificity of Vision

The title is just one of the many thought-provoking statements Steven Soderbergh made in his “State of Cinema” presentation at the San Francisco Film Festival. Contextually, Soderbergh on cinema might be polarizing to some…he wraps his vision with insightful, intelligent and at times sarcastic jibes at how the art of cinema is changing with his own specific views of filmmaking.┬áThe changes, good or bad, largely depend on which side of the equation you’re on.

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