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Filling in the Blanks: The Digital Audience

On 20, Nov 2012 | No Comments | In Front Page, Industry News | By BSG

The digital audience is anywhere, everywhere and everyone. If you have a smartphone or tablet or laptop or computer or (internet connected) TV, you are the modern day digital audience…consumers of entertainment, news, learning, documentaries, books…and that describes just about everybody.

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Google: It’s a Four Screen World

On 20, Oct 2012 | No Comments | In Industry News, Thoughts | By BSG

It’s not about ‘the screen’ anymore. Never has the phrase “all the world’s a stage” been more appropriate for content creators. Now it’s a four screen world in which content consumers move from screen to screen.

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In Movies


Movies of Interest & Your Reviews

On 19, Oct 2012 | No Comments | In Movies | By BSG

Movies can be fascinating, interesting, motivating, amazing, provoking, moving and mesmerizing. Movies can promote dialogs between us to understand the myriad of interests manifested by the writers, directors, actors, musicians…everyone who collaborated to create and bring the the movie to completion. Many are produced on limited budgets with hugely talented creators and actors as the cost of self production declines and opportunities for self distribution expand.

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Information Age Behaviors Changing…

Our behaviors are driven by, well, just about everything…but today technology has the most interesting force on us. Some of us may find ourselves learning how to operate the newest whiz bang gadget as the result of information age behaviors changing.

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