Big Story


The Big Story is you. Until recently, the chance to ‘make it big’ was actually quite small in the entertainment industry. Now the industry is morphing into an expansive ‘new media’ industry of everyone, for everyone and by everyone…one that creates broad overlaps between writing, filmmaking, production, photography, music, talent and many other forms of creation from graphic design to painting and animation to model building. Very exciting from a development, production and distribution viewpoint…but it still all starts with you and your story.

At the same time, digital distribution is changing everything about the traditional industries…more entertainment content will have to be be created to fill the traditional and new channels of opportunities…and it has to be created by someone, so why not you.

Plain and simple: there are more opportunities for more content creators to get involved in and enjoy a place in the new entertainment media industries…that’s the Big Story…don’t you have a big story to tell?

Find out about our filmmaking and screenwriting competitions at the Big Story Competitions page.


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