Art and Life, Birth and Death


Why are we filmmakers, photographers, film goers, critics…authors, writers and actors…painters, animators and singers…why are we?

Humans search for their place and meaning by living, and almost to a single individual, that definition is, well…singular, unique, self inspired and self-illuminated. “Art washes away the dust of everyday life”, said Pablo Picasso. I believe that he meant is that without the expressions and experiences we make through our personal creative efforts, life is a slow moving way to collect dust.

That’s not to say that you have to be an ‘artist’ of some type to ‘really’ live and experience what life has to offer. I’m sure there are many who confidently admit to themselves that they ‘live every minute’ or ‘carpe diem’ all the time. Others discover in themselves a need to define, explain or portray some of what life is in visual and written and sound mediums.

“It is pretty, but is it art…” Orson Welles recites opening the door to view this hyper-Malick-esque vision of birth to death, “a film about transformation”…” to view with “…those staring eyes stared as eyes had never stared before”.

This combination of music, dialog and moments from 150 films forces you to pay attention…close attention…to the fleeting nature of life as portrayed in film. At the end you can click on the poster for each of the films for more information. Portions of the Welles’ voice-over is taken from his film “F for Fake” in which he quotes from Rudyard Kipling’s poem “The Conundrum of the Workshops”.

What do you think of “Birth to Death, As Told by Cinema”?

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