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About Big Story Group

Big Story Group is developing and building a virtual environment where content creators can create, develop and entertain. The wave of changes resulting from paradigm shifts in technologies and demographics is making more and more opportunities available for you. (Read our thoughts about these changes in In Focus This Month.) Out of the gate, our central focus is entertainment content and the related mediums fueled by digital imaging and storytelling…the new paradigms of filmmaking, television, web and mobile worlds…where anyone and everyone can participate.

Big Story Group members, collaborators and industry experts provide idea, brand, business, marketing and concept development and execution to assist with bringing your content to market.  Our web properties are being expanded to offer competitions and learning programs to writers, filmmakers, photographers and other creatives with the desire to develop entertainment content. These programs will fuel the cultivation and development of entertainment content and facilitate broader opportunities for the creators and for Big Story Group members, collaborators and experts.

Now and more so in the future, the low cost of entry to produce quality content and the democratization of distribution makes it feasible for more content creators to participate. The tsunami of interest and action by individuals to create and produce content has grown exponentially as the declining price of technology makes it possible to produce and share it with millions using new, accessible digital distribution channels.

The people behind Big Story Group? You…but more about you in a minute.  Us…? We founded Big Story Group for a number of reasons…

Filmmaking – To selfishly continue our passion with filmmaking. We have been involved in numerous facets of the filmmaking industry including acting, directing, producing, writing, ancillary product development, marketing and worldwide distribution for two decades. Like you, we want to do more…much more.

Photography – One of our founding members has been behind cameras his entire life. From professional portrait sittings and weddings to published landscape and fine art gallery representation when Kodachrome was king.  We have all been around the block…several times, in many cases.

Web – Being early adopters in the use, creation and development of ideas for the web two decades ago, we continue to be involved and fascinated by its potential to leverage content creators. Now that the pipeline and bandwidth make it possible to consume all forms of content from any device, we expect there to be many new forms entirely web based and opportunities for content creators that haven’t even emerged yet.

Television – The press has been reporting the demise of television for some time, but of course it’s not true. Television is morphing from the original analog broadcast model into whatever the audience demands…all made possible by the new digital paradigm. Recent studies indicate that a substantial percentage of TV’s will be connected to the internet by 2015…the future of the original small screen is a blank canvas.

Funding – You need it, yet may not have it — which is often the case for a significant percent of the creative population.    Our background includes fundraising for projects — we are also in a position to produce projects that meet our criteria…and we can’t wait to see what comes through the doors at Big Story Group that might spark our interest.  Big Story Group will soon launch its micro funding network on our sister site…your project can be listed so that you may crowd source the initial funding to get your content project started.

Writing – Everyone is a writer, which is great.   But now what? Big Story Group programs include three kinds of feedback and coverage opportunities: Member based where qualified members review and critique submissions,  industry experts who provide their view of your submissions and competitions that are judged by visitors, members and experts.

Brand Fidelity – The business of Big Story Group is to support content creation, development and distribution. Our team of experts has developed marketing and business development strategies across a broad range of disciplines, working with major Fortune 500 brands worldwide including Disney, Warner Bros., DreamWorks, Time Inc., Twentieth Century Fox and Universal Studios.  We know how to get your story in front of a variety of audiences to effectively convey your message.

Back to You

You are the reason content is created…(the audience), consumers of content. In the new paradigm, hundreds of thousands of you are now also shifting into the role of ‘creators’ of content. You may have great ideas and stories and talents that engage others. Big Story Group is planning great things to inspire, develop and entertain with creative types looking for opportunities to explore the new world content horizons. Stay tuned.