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Big Story Competitions, part of Big Story Group, will launch competitions starting in 2013. Website members and visitors can be part of the voting process in some of our competitions. There will be more than one ‘grand prize’ winner…in some cases there may be as many as ten competition winners.

Sure cash is a great prize and we’ll have some of that too, but if you want to advance your skills and add to your experience we think publication, production or distribution opportunities, in addition to consultation by industry experts on the winner’s submissions might be more useful for the top winners.

Its possible that Big Story Group or someone in its network may have an interest in its competition submissions for development. In our (Photo) Graphic Novel Competition, Big Story Group plans to publish and distribute one or more of the winning entries. You can see our advance line up for 2014 and 2015 competitions on Big Story Group here.

In the future, Big Story Competitions plans to extend its contest and competition model into other content creation categories including music, performance, games, music scores for movies and television, and much more.

Register now so you won’t miss a thing. Visit the Big Story Group Contributor page if you are interested in submitting for consideration your stories, articles, tips, industry news, editorial or other content appropriate for the Big Story Group website. Or subscribe to our email notifications – Big Story Content Updates – more information here.

Stay tuned. There’s plenty more on Big Story Group’s horizon.


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